Pronunciation: /ɪntrəʊˈspɛkʃənɪz(ə)m/

Introspectionism is a systemized process of looking within; examining one’s own thoughts, feelings, or mental condition with an aim for improvement.

Our objective is simple. To help you to thrive. And to teach the critical virtues that ensure you can.

We have heard it said that ‘thought is father to the deed.’ However, there is something that occurs even BEFORE thought – and that is feeling. Physiologically speaking, the neuropathways in the brain that lead to our emotional center are shorter than the pathways that lead to our cognitive center. This means that we feel quicker than we think. Thus, in order to master our thoughts we must first learn to comprehend our feelings.

Feelings and thoughts expressed through action lead to the development of our character. In the pursuit of a more noble character with all of its refinement, self-control, and moral virtue we must understand our emotional and cognitive roots so that we can shape them according to our ambitions and desire. This process called Introspectionism is designed to create a roadmap for truly mastering ourselves and becoming the best we can be.